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Personal Injury Claims

Since 2013 we have been working hard to take full advantage of the opportunities available under the Ministry of Justice Reforms for the handling of personal injury claims.

Extensive usage of our award winning Investigation Pack by our clients has enabled us to reach an early decision on liability and take full advantage of the cost savings under the current regime.

Genuine claims are settled swiftly and in appropriate circumstances robust defences are presented with full disclosure.

We can confidently say;

  • Our settlement rates for personal injury claims are above the industry average
  • The percentage of personal injury claims we retain in the Claims’ Portal is above the industry average
  • We have achieved an overall reduction in the cost of each claim

Claims Defensibility

With the compensation culture it has never been more important to defend claims made against you. Especially where there is contributory negligence or the claim is speculative.

The key to defending claims is the effectiveness and completeness of your health and safety documents and procedures. In this compliance age if it hasn’t been documented it isn’t happening.

Our Risk Control Team are more than happy to work with you to look at your processes, procedures and documents to make sure they give you the best chance of keeping claims’ costs under control. This can help you to achieve lower premiums.

Please talk to your broker about how we can support you in this area and our easy to use, comprehensive range of assessments, guides and tools to help you comply with legal Health & Safety obligations. This includes free online Health & Safety training. It’s just like having your own virtual health and safety department.