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An experienced Incident Manager on site to help you with any major disruption

Our focus is to get your business back up and running whether this is covered by your policy or not.

For any major incident that directly impacts your business and looks likely to cause significant disruption we will appoint an experienced Incident Manager to work with you on site to help you recovery as quickly as possible. They will help you:

  • Arrange temporary, emergency accommodation, furniture, copiers etc
  • Set up PC’s ready for internet and e mail within 24 hours
  • Redirection of phones
  • Arrange interim payments so cash flow isn’t an issue
  • Organise temporary buildings, generators etc
  • Begin emergency repairs
  • Restore your data if you have used Depositit, our data back up/recovery partner
  • Plan to recover
  • Identify the cause of the loss
  • Protect your position regarding any possible recovery from a responsible party
  • Provide advice and guidance around the claims process

We work with a small and select group of loss adjusters and business recovery specialists and we will put in place arrangements and coordinate matters so that you return to business as usual in the shortest possible time.

If the claim is covered under your policy these costs will be picked up by us. If for some reason the incident is not insured we will still help with the recovery process but these emergency costs will need to be paid for. Naturally we will make this clear to you.